Day 44: Cradle Mountain – Mole Creek: back on the bike (84 km)

After a rest day partly spent in the Tasmanian busses, it was time to get back on the bike! In the morning I got the surprise visit of a (for once) fearless echidna that wanted to inspect my bicycle.

The fearless echidna that loved bicycles

It took me about 30 km to retrieve good sensations on the bike. Fortunately for me, these first kilometres were mainly going down! After a crazy-fast descent in the Forth Valley, I had to climb back on the other side of the valley towards Gowrie Park, a little village located at the foot of impressive Mount Roland. In the late 1960’s this village was much more animated than today, because it hosted all the workers involved in the building of the Mersey – Forth hydroelectric scheme, a pharaonic project involving 4 different rivers, 7 dams and 8 power stations (more info here). Most of the village’s building were dismounted and reused after the completion of the scheme. On the warehouse of Hydro Tasmania, a nice mural depicted the construction of this power scheme.

The mural in Gowrie Park

I then continued my way on a nice road going around Mt Roland, first going down through the village of Claude Road, then continuing with a climb to Paradise (true story). 

Two views of massive Mt Roland

After another short and fast downhill, I had to climb a little pass to reach my destination for today, Mole Creek, a nice rural village with the higher plateau in the background. All in all, it was an easy cycling day with good fun on the bike, even if the start was a bit complicated. 

Rural landscape in Mole Creek. In the background, the Great Western Tiers

At the campground I met two fellow bike riders touring around Tasmania in the opposite direction. This time it was my turn to provide them valuable information about the route, the facilities, the nice things to see and the nice places to stop!


One thought on “Day 44: Cradle Mountain – Mole Creek: back on the bike (84 km)

  1. Trop mignon l’échidné, il ressemble à nos hérissons… avec un long nez 😉 !

    Superbe la vue du Mont Roland avec les pâtures devant, de quoi s’arrêter et contempler longuement, tu dois être résistant pour ne pas t’arrêter plus longtemps devant tous ces beaux paysages !

    A mon avis tu vas en effet devenir apte à être un guide local 😉 !


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