Day 25: Hobart – Mount Field National Park: en route to the We(s)t Coast! (85 km)

This morning I had another nice breakfast with Damien and Elaine. In addition to host me for two nights and take me on their sailboat, they also solved the issue I had with my panniers’ fixation system: Damien replaced the four metallic pegs with much more reliable screws and bolts. Since then I haven’t had any problem anymore. Thank you so much for everything Damien and Elaine, I look forward to see you back in Belgium end of June and be able to “give you back what you have given to me”!

Pannier fixation system: fixed – plastic spoon & fork: critical 😋
After leaving Mount Nelson I had a stop in Hobart to buy freeze dried food for the Overland Track and normal food for the 2 coming days. I will now head to the North West, with a first stop in Mount Field National Park, about 80km away from Hobart. 
To each its national tea 😜

Biking out of Hobart happened seamlessly on the Intercity Cycleway, until Austins Ferry, where the road bent to the west. There, I had to face again strong headwind and heavy traffic until New Norfolk. There, I left the A10 to take the much more bike friendly B62. This road took me up and down along the Derwent River towards Bushy Park. This nice little village is the main provider of hop for all Australian breweries. Indeed, I saw hop “fields” all around and also old buildings that were used to dry hop. Sadly for me, there was no brewery there! 

This is how to grow hop!

At Westerway, I took left on a gently climbing road towards the entrance of the national park. There, a motorbike overtook me and stopped a few hundreds meter further. It was Ante, the Finnish guy I met in Geeveston two days ago! Amazing that I got to see him again!

Once arrived at the campground of the National Park, I started to pitch my tent but since the ground was a bit hard, I used a wooden log as a hammer on my pegs. Apparently, this seemed very funny and weird to an Australian for from Perth, who brought me his “hammer”, but then asked me to use the log again so that he could take a picture and post it on Facebook ^^. Afterwards he and his wife offered me a glass of wine. It delayed a bit my dinner but I enjoyed talking with them. For dinner, I finally ate the zucchini that I had bought in Geeveston 5 days ago! This zucchini might have the world record for the longest distance a zucchini has travelled by bicycle (312 km)! 😋


4 thoughts on “Day 25: Hobart – Mount Field National Park: en route to the We(s)t Coast! (85 km)

  1. C’est comment le thé australien ???

    Tu n’as pas eu de bière mais un bon verre de vin 😉🍷
    Ils sont vraiment conviviaux les Tasmaniens!


    1. Le thé est assez fort, mais très bon. C’est un mélange d’Orange Pekoe, Irish Breakfast et Russian Caravan.
      Ces australiens là venaient de Perth, dans l’Ouest de l’Australie, mais ils étaient tout aussi conviviaux! Et je ne le raconte pas, mais le lendemain matin la dame m’a apporté du pain aux olives fait maison, qui est de loin le meilleur pain que j’ai mangé ici jusqu’à présent!


    1. Merci pour ton message, ça fait plaisir et donne de la motivation pour continuer même si ça prend un temps fou! Figures-toi que j’avais jamais vu comment le houblon était cultivé avant ^^. Pour le brassin, on attendra le retour en Belgique 😉


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