Day 18: exploring Bruny Island (65 km)

This morning I had a delayed start due to a morning shower. After having breakfast, I sheltered myself for about an hour in the tent to avoid the shower, having some extra rest and trying to keep this blog updated. Afterwards, I had a look to Cloudy Bay, a beautiful place praised by surfers. 

Cloudy Bay. Hopefully with a decent amount of clouds, otherwise I would have asked a refund to my travel agency!

Then I rode to Cape Bruny’s lighthouse on the southernmost part of the island. 

Yet another strange signpost! Of course, there was no railway there!

Built in 18 months by a team of 20 convicts, this lighthouse is Australia’s second oldest one. It has remained in service until its replacement by a solar powered one in 1996. I spent three hours there to have lunch, enjoy the stunning views, talk with the volunteers that take care of the lighthouse for a 6-week period, and visit the little museum.Then I backtracked until the campground located at Bruny’s Neck, in order to go for a nocturnal penguin-spotting excursion at the lookout where I was briefly yesterday.

Bruny’s lighthouse and the nice beach near it. As you can see, even islands are not flat in Tasmania 😉
Bruny’s Lighthouse
The lovely beach near the lighthouse

At the campground I met Jenny, an Australian women also travelling alone with her bike. She had just completed her first cycling day on her tour around Tasmania. Two years ago, she had travelled by bike with her father from the South of Spain to Munchen, and now she is experiencing for the first time a solo bike adventure. Since she plans to travel around Tasmania in an anti-clockwise direction, I could give her precious advices on what to do and see, where to stop, etc. “In exchange”, she gave me some ideas of trekkings in New Zealand. Like many other people, she told me that New Zealand was even better than Tasmania for the landscapes. For me it is difficult to believe that it could be better than what I have seen here so far! 

I also met Zoé (from Québec) and Camillo (from Chile), and the four of us went together to see the fairy penguins (the world’s smallest species, only 40 cm tall) coming out of the sea to their rookery in the dunes at dawn. Despite the noisy Chinese tourists, we saw a few of them, but again, sadly for you dear readers, the only picture my phone could take is rather abstract .😋

Believe me, this black spot is a fairy penguin!

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