Day 8: hike in Freycinet National Park – Little Yosemite along the sea!

Today I walked together with Arielle and Qi in Freycinet National Park, the oldest coastal national park of Tasmania. This park is in fact a granitic peninsula at the Easter side of Great Oyster Bay. Besides the impressive granitic peaks (called the Hazards), the park also counts splendid beaches, among them Wineglass Bay, which is apparently one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.We started rather early (9:15) and opted for a day hike of approximately 5-6 hours. We climbed for a small hour on a well maintained path, in a landscape that reminded me Yosemite National Park, but moved on the shoreline! The lookout on Wineglass Bay offered us a fantastic reward for our effort. Nice view, isn’t it?

Wineglass Bay

Then we walked down to the beach and I had a swim. The water was really cold and the strong waves made the swim difficult.

We continued our hike crossing the isthmus of the Freycinet Peninsula to reach another amazing beach, Hazard Beach. There we had another swim in a calmer and a bit warmer water. After lunch (with free sand included), we walked further along the beach. We met a fearless wallaby at the end of the beach, before hiking our way back to the entrance of the park, on a crest track following the shore in a pine tree forest.

Hazard Bay and Refuge Island

Hopefully we got a lift to our hostel, because afterwards Qi and I had to bike another 22 kilometres to reach our campground at Friendly Beaches. We made it and could pitch our tents and eat before the night. There we enjoyed what might be the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen since my arrival in Tasmania.


2 thoughts on “Day 8: hike in Freycinet National Park – Little Yosemite along the sea!

  1. Eh bien on a qu’une seule envie: prendre le prochain vol pour la Tasmanie et particulièrement Le Freycinet National Park.

    Petite question: les wallabys savent-ils nager??? Il donne l’impression de vouloir faire un grand plongeon dans la mer ;-)!


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