Day 3: Deviot -> Bridport (77km) – hot but steady going

After a rainy evening and night, the weather got better in the morning and I could get all my gear dry before leaving my camping spot. 

Initially I was planning to go to Nabowla today and then to Derby tomorrow, so that I could try out the excellent mountain bike tracks of Derby on the 20th of January. However I had to change my plans because I believed that there were no general store on my way to Nabowla and because the weather forecast for the 20th was awful anyway. I finally chose to head to Bridport, a village along the sea. 

After crossing the Tamar river on Batman Bridge (again, not the Batman you are thinking about), I had my first encounters with logging trucks. Sharing the road with them is really scary, because of the air vortex they make when they cross you or overtake you. If I don’t want to end up like the many dead wallabies and wombats on the side of the road, I should better be ultra cautious and avoid as much as possible the bigger roads. Hence, I took smaller roads today and it was mostly perfect. The route was a bit less hilly than yesterday and I got tailwind for at least half of the day. Two more serious climbs of 2-3 km each, hopefully in the shadow because it was very hot and sunny today. The landscape alternates between forests and farmlands. Sadly, I could notice that they are cutting a lot of trees to increase the pasture surface for the sheeps.

Just before arriving at Bridport, I stopped for some water just near a really big spider. 

I then met Josh (Giovanni), that is also an adept of bike touring and work for a bike shop in Launceston. We had a nice chat about the good places to ride to, my itinerary, etc.

Tonight I will stay in a real bed at Bridport youth hostel, a very pleasant place. Bridport is a nice peaceful village whose seafront is worth the visit. 

I took profit of my stay there to cook a more sophisticated meal (steak with potatoes and bean), and do some maintenance on the bike (check the spokes, swap to the other chain to reduce the worn of the crowns, etc.).

In the youth hostel I met Dochi, a Japanese guy that comes here every year since ten years. It discovered that Japan and Australia have a very strong trade and friendship relationship. There was also a little boy that could not stand staying 1 minute without looking to stupid cartoons on his tablet. He looked like a zombie, it was quite terrifying because the place is so beautiful but he seemed not even to notice it. Sometimes I am a bit afraid that the adults of tomorrow will be even more stupid and disconnected from the real life than we are today. To all the young parents that might read this: don’t do this with your children, please!

That’s it for today! See you next time!


5 thoughts on “Day 3: Deviot -> Bridport (77km) – hot but steady going

  1. Salut Bernard,
    C’est trop waouh ton voyage, bonne route.
    J’oserais jamais faire un voyage pareil, quel aventurier !!!
    A très bientôt


    1. Merci Xavier!
      En fait maintenant que je suis dedans, je peux te dire que c’est pas si compliqué qu’il n’y paraît! Je dirais donc que tu devrais clairement oser le faire, maintenant que tes enfants sont grands! Tu as toujours une pêche incroyable et je suis sûr que ça te plairait! Pourquoi pas un jour faire la route de la Belgique jusque chez ta famille en Espagne à vélo? 😉


  2. Merci pour ce partage de superbes paysages et de tes expériences! Mais tu devrais aussi montrer des photos de la pluie, sinon avec ce beau ciel bleu, on ne te crois pas – lol.
    Tu sembles rencontrer pas mal de personnes sympas (à part les camionneurs) comme quoi les deux roues cela créent un lien.
    Tu as nagé dans la mer?
    Tu pourrais télécharger une carte que l’on puisse voir ton périple (ou bien je n’ai qu’à aller moi-même sur Google map peut être ;-)!


    1. Bonne remarque, j’essayerai d’ajouter une carte dorénavant.
      C’est surprenant comme on crée facilement le contact en voyageant à vélo! La mer est assez froide, je n’ai pas encore complètement été dedans. Probablement demain ou après demain 😉


  3. Quelles belles images ensoleillées ! ça fait plaisir à voir : ici on se gèle : il y aura même – 14° en Ardennes cette nuit !
    Bonne route !


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