Day 2: Narawntapu Ntl Park -> Deviot: rollercoaster across rainforest, farmlands and vineyards – not very fit today…(55km)

Yesterday, I was told a good metaphor to illustrate how hilly Tasmania is: “If we would do ironing on Tasmania, it would become as great as mainland Australia”. Well the least that I can say is that I experienced it today!I was pretty slow to pack all my stuff (this will not surprise the ones that know me a bit…) so I started at 10:30 while being awaked at 7:00. I will need to improve this, mainly when the days will get shorter!

Today I went a bit off the beaten track. I took a small gravel road that went constantly up and down in a pine trees and eucalyptus forest for 18kms to York Town, with a big steep climb of 3km hidden somewhere halfway. When going up, the forest became more humid, hence there were lots of giant ferns.

 During the climb I was offered fresh water by a very friendly guy who told me about all his bike touring travels everywhere in the world. I then came across a pair of fellow bike travellers, which lead to a very nice chat. It is often when you go off the beaten tracks that you meet the most interesting people…

After this “pass” I descended inside the Tamar valley. This valley is famous for its wineyards, as Tasmania produces excellent wines (sadly I haven’t tasted them yet). It is truly amazing how quickly the landscape changes!

 I had a lunch at Beaconsville, an small city once famous for its gold mine. At that time I was already a bit exhausted, because I did not sleep very well (first camping night) and did not eat enough (only a small bowl of dehydrated noodles, which might be enough for geeks staying in front of their computer, but definitely ndsot for a bike tourer). I decided then to shorten the day and stop at Deviot, near the Batman bridge that crosses the Tamar river. In the afternoon I mainly followed the river, however it was everything but flat!! On my way I encountered an echidna along the road! This weir anymal is a cousin of an even weirder animal, the platypus.

An echidna on the roadside

Finally I wild-camped in the ruins of the first flour watermill of Tasmania! It was a perfect camping spot with a nice little waterfall to have a shower, next to colourful beatles.


I cooked myself some home-made spaghetti bolognese in a “one pan dish” mode. In a future post I will share the recipe with you 😉

I ate a lot and went earlier to bed so that I could make a longer leg the next day.


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